Baseball Gloves for lefthanded ballplayers are much more available now than they have been in the past, and most of the larger sporting goods store chains carry a decent selection.  But for a lefthander living in a smaller town that doesn't have a major sporting goods store nearby, the choices are much more limited. 

A righthanded ballplayer can very often start playing with a glove handed down to them from a friend, relative or a neighbor, or maybe they can find a glove at a yard sale or a thrift shop.  They can show up for a game without a glove and still play with an extra glove or by borrowing/sharing a glove with someone on the opposing team.

A lefthanded ballplayer is much less likely to have that luxury.  If they were going to play and enjoy playing, their parents will have to make an investment in a baseball glove.  With fewer choices in gloves, parents would often buy their lefthanded child a glove that didn't fit properly, making it harder for them to catch the ball and show their skills.

As each generation has passed, their are more lefthanded gloves in circulation and baseball glove manufacturers are making a better selection for lefthanders.  Maybe not yet as many as they make for righthanders, but almost enough do be considered fair for the lefthanded ballplayer.

Catchers Mitts for lefthanders

have been much harder to find,

as lefthanders rarely get to play catcher

at almost any level of the game.

Baseball Gloves for Lefthanders

First-Basemans Mitts for lefthanders

have been available for a long time,

as first-base is a position that lefthanders

have alway been encouraged to play.  

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