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Practical Products For Lefthanders ...

tools or utensils that fit better and work better in a persons left hand.

Lefthanded Scissors...for lefthanded children and lefthanded adults

Lefthanded Spiral Notebooks...binders and other school/office supplies

Lefthanded Kitchen Utensils...can openers, peelers, and other utensils

Lefthanded Sporting Goods...golf clubs, baseball gloves, and other gloves

Lefthanded Tools...circular saws, tape measures and other hand tools

Lefthanded Computer Products...keyboards, mouse, and joysticks

Books and information for lefthanders

There are at least three companies that make lefthanded tape measures.

At least three different companies that make "Lefthanded" or "Left Blade" Circular Saws.

Lefthanded Tape Measure can also make life easier for lefthanded craftsmen as they are made with the numbers printed in the opposite direction.  Some righthanded people find the lefthanded tape measures easier to us, and there is some question about which hand should pull the tape and which hand should hold the pencil.

Lefthanded Circular Saws have been around for a long time, but until recently they have not been readily available or affordable.  But now the internet makes them more available than ever before.

There are also some very good articles on the differences between "left" and "right" handed circular saws, and the benefits of the lefthanded model for lefthanded people.



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