Knifes often have serrated blades and handles that are contoured to be more comfortable and convenient for righthanded people. These can be very awkward for lefthanders and makes it difficult for them to slice bread or fruits or vegetables evenly.

Can Openers might be the most difficult products for lefthanded people, and the standard can opener is designed for someone to turn with their stronger right hand.  There have been can openers specially made for lefthanders, but most of them have been poor quality and over-priced compared to the righthanded models.

Lefthanded Kitchen Utensils

Spoons and Spatulas sometimes have curved handles to make them easier for righthanded people, but they can be very awkward for lefthanders.  Whether they are wooden tools or metal tools, the shape makes a big difference.

Working with kitchen tools and utensils designed for right-handed people has contributed to the myth that lefthanders are clumsy and uncoordinated.  If lefthanders feel awkward in the kitchen, they may be more likely to throw frozen food in the microwave rather cooking healthy food for themselves.  If other people see lefthanders are being awkward in the kitchen, they may not hire them to work in restaurants or snack bars when the reach that age.

Ladles (soup ladles, gravy ladles, or punch bowl ladles) are another item that can be very awkward for a lefthanded person to use.  Most have been made with the pouring spouts on the side that makes them convenient for righthanded people.  There have been some simple ones made with pouring spouts on both sides, which makes more sense because rarely will there be one used by lefties only.

Peelers can also be very awkward for a lefthander to use.  Most peelers are made so they can be used with either hand and in either direction.  But the side that gets used first and gets used more often becomes sharper, so a lefthander sharing a peeler that is used by righthanders will have a more difficult time.


Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanded People

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