Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanders

Practical Products For Lefthanders ...

tools or utensils that fit better and work better in a persons left hand.

Lefthanded Scissors...for lefthanded children and lefthanded adults

Lefthanded Spiral Notebooks...binders and other school/office supplies

Lefthanded Kitchen Utensils...can openers, peelers, and other utensils

Lefthanded Sporting Goods...golf clubs, baseball gloves, and other gloves

Lefthanded Tools...circular saws, tape measures and other hand tools

Lefthanded Computer Products...keyboards, mouse, and joysticks

Books and information for lefthanders

Golf Clubs for Lefthanders are also more readily available than they have been in the past, but lefthanded golfers still don't have as many choices as righthanded golfers.  And the inexpensive starter sets for people just learning to play are often not a stock item for lefthanders.  A righthander can walk into any store and buy them, but for lefthanders they are often a special order item.

Lefthanded Sporting Goods

Lefthanded Archery Bow​

Lefthanded Tennis Gloves & Racquetball Gloves

Baseball Gloves for lefthanded throwing ballplayers are much more available now than ever before.  In most large sporting goods stores in most big cities, a decent selection of gloves for lefthanders are available and they are generally the same price as gloves for righthanders.