There are dozens of businesses listed on the internet that sell products for lefthanders, but most of them are mass merchandisers with a few lefthanded products in their catalog.

The sources listed here are specialty businesses for lefthanders, and if you are looking for lefthanded products we encourage you to support them over any others.  

Lefty's the Left Hand Store ... The mail order side of the largest and most successful retailer of products for lefthanders.  Their main store location is on Pier 39 in the Fishermans Wharf area of San Francisco, CA, and they have two other retail store locations in Florida.

Anything Left Handed ...The mail order side of the store in London, England.

Lefty's Corner ... a mail order only business headquartered in Clarks Summit, PA.

Lefthanded World ... a mail order only business headquartered in Vancouver, WA.

Lefty's Left-Handed Products ... a mail order only business headquartered in Australia.

If you are looking to buy a lefthanded guitar, we recommend...

Southpaw Guitars ... they have a retail store in Houston, Texas since 1980, and have been selling lefthanded guitars on the internet for as long as there has been an internet.

Jerry's Lefty Guitars ... an online store and retail store in Sarasota, Florida.

If you are looking to buy lefthanded golf clubs, we recommend...

Lefties Only Golf Shop ... mail order business since 1986

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Current Sources for Lefthanded Products

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