Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanders

Most joysticks are considered to be ambidextrous, but the ones most recommended for lefthanded gamers are made by Logitech and Thrustmaster.

Manufacturers of lefthanded computer keyboards are...

Fentek Industries

DS International


Lefthanded Mice are readily available and made and sold by many different companies on the internet.  They range in price from inexpensive ($25 or less) to very expensive ($300 or more).

Lefthanded Computer Products

Lefthanded Keyboards

A lefthanded computer keyboard with the number pad on the left hand side can make a big difference to lefthanded people.  Most lefthanders can type letters pretty well on a standard keyboard, but have trouble inputting numbers with the number pad on the right side.​​

Lefthanded Mouse

Having a lefthanded mouse, and not just moving a righthanded mouse to the left side, 
can make life a lot easier for a lefthanded person.

Lefthanded Computer Joystick​

Lefthanded gamers often wonder why they are not as fast and not having as much fun as their righthanded friends or competitors.  A lefthanded joystick could make a difference.


Practical Products For Lefthanders ...

tools or utensils that fit better and work better in a persons left hand.

Lefthanded Scissors...for lefthanded children and lefthanded adults

Lefthanded Spiral Notebooks...binders and other school/office supplies

Lefthanded Kitchen Utensils...can openers, peelers, and other utensils

Lefthanded Sporting Goods...golf clubs, baseball gloves, and other gloves

Lefthanded Tools...circular saws, tape measures and other hand tools

Lefthanded Computer Products...keyboards, mouse, and joysticks

Books and information for lefthanders