There is no official registry of stores for lefthanders, so it is difficult to say for certain which one came first and how long they were in business.  Many people believe that the first store for lefthanders in the United States opened in 1970 in New York City, but it only lasted for a couple of years.  Some of the best known and longest lasting were in Boston, San Diego, and San Francisco, but only the one in San Francisco has survived through the years.  

Almost every big city in the United States and most of the major tourist destinations had a store that sold lefthanded products at one time or another.  Most opened between 1975 and 1985, and most of them lasted for an average of three to five years,  Most of these businesses had a short lifespan because they weren't able to reach enough of their potential customers and/or they failed to impress the people that did find them.

Businesses that have sold lefthanded products have always had a difficult time finding enough practical products to satisfy the needs of their customers.  Novelty items are more often purchased by righthanders as gifts for their lefthanded friends or relatives, because they may not know which practical product their friend might want or need.  As the novelty items became more popular, these businesses created more of them, and eventually the novelties overwhelmed the practical products, giving the impression that products for lefthanders are more for fun and really not necessary.

More information about lefthanded products and the businesses that have sold them coming soon.  

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History of Businesses for Lefthanders


Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanded People

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