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Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanded People

Lefthanded Spiral Notebooks can be very helpful to left-handed students.  It is difficult enough for left-handed children to learn to write on flat paper in their desks, but even more difficult when their hand runs into the spiral or the binding as they start to write across the page.  This often causes lefthanders to lift their hand or turn their wrist into an uncomfortable position to avoid leaving marks from the spiral on their hand, or catching or tearing their shirt-sleeve on the edge.

Lefthanded Spiral Notebooks may not be as important as they used to be, as many students are now using laptop computers and tablets to take notes and complete their assignments. But technology has not reached all schools and all ages of students, and probably won’t for a few more years.  Until then, having spiral notebooks for left-handers available will help many left-handed students take better notes, write more legible, complete their homework assignments faster and enjoy writing more than ever before.

There are a few different brands of left-handed spiral notebooks available, and many stores that have sold products for lefthanders have their notebook covers custom printed with lefty slogans (literally from cover to cover). Our experience tells us that over-emphasizing the slogans turns the product into a novelty item and brings unnecessary attention to them. We believe that most left-handed people just want a notebook that is easier for them to use, without all the extra slogans and designs.

Besides spiral notebooks, another product that makes it easier for lefthanders write properly is a pad holder or portfolio with the pad on the left side and the pocket for holding papers on the right side.  

Spiral Notebooks for Lefthanders