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Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanded People

Golf Clubs for Lefthanders are also more readily available than they have been in the past, but lefthanded golfers still don't have as many choices as righthanded golfers.

When manufacturers first starting making golf clubs for lefthanders, they made some of their best quality and highest priced clubs in lefthanded models.  Then they wondered why nobody was buying them.  It took them a few years to get smart enough to realize that if they didn't make inexpensive clubs, and starter sets, for lefthanders, there wouldn't be any lefthanded golfers good enough to buy the better quality and higher priced clubs. 

Today lefthanded men golfers can go into most sporting stores and find a decent selection of inexpensive golf clubs for sale, but lefthanded women and lefthanded children can't always find what they are looking for.  There are a few companies that make starter sets for lefthanded boys and girls and women, but often times they are a special order item rather than being in stock in the stores.

Righthanded golfers can usually find used clubs or borrow/rent clubs to use for a few lessons or a few rounds of golf, but people who want to play lefthanded usually don't have that option.  They have to make a commitment to buy clubs before they are sure they will like the game, and that often discourages them or prevents them from learning.

Lefthanded Golf Clubs