Practical Products and Novelty Items for Lefthanded People

When lefthanded scissors first became available, there was a limited selection of poor quality overpriced products that made people feel they were better off using righthanded scissors.

There were also a few companies that tried to take advantage of lefthanded people by selling scissors that were not truly lefthanded.  They made handles that were symmetrical or contoured to fit in someone left hand, but they did not reserve the blades to make true lefthanded scissors.  See description of true lefthanded scissors here.  Many people who tried these "left-handled" scissors found them no better than using righthanded scissors.

Today there is a better selection of quality lefthanded scissors than ever before, and they can be purchased from lefthanded product specialty stores.

Different Types of Lefthanded Scissors

Some office supply or department store might have a small selection of basic lefthanded scissors for adults and children, but most of them do not.  Some fabric stores or craft stores might have a small selection of lefthanded fabric scissor or lefthanded dressmaker shears, but most of them do not.  And some stores that sell grooming supplies might have some lefthanded nail and cuticle scissors and lefthanded barber scissors and shears, but most of them do not 

Fortunately, lefthanded people who want to buy these different types of lefthanded scissors can find them and buy them on the internet.

Unfortunately, many lefthanded people have never seen or used lefthanded scissors and they don't know how much they might benefit from them. 

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